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Astria Aesthetics in Grove City, Ohio, is proud to offer the transformative Lash Lift and Tint treatment to enhance the natural beauty of your lashes. This procedure works by lifting and tinting your lashes, providing an instant boost to your eyes and giving your lashes a lifted and glamorous appearance.
Commonly treated areas include :

During a Lash Lift and Tint session, a skilled aesthetician will apply a specially formulated lifting solution to your lashes. This solution gently lifts and curls your lashes from the root, creating a beautiful upward curl that lasts for several weeks. Following the lifting process, a tint is applied to darken and enhance the color of your lashes, adding depth and definition to your eyes. The result is a stunning and natural-looking lift that frames your eyes and eliminates the need for daily curling or mascara.

The Lash Lift and Tint treatment is suitable for anyone looking to enhance the appearance of their lashes. Whether you have naturally straight or downward-pointing lashes, this procedure can provide you with a glamorous and wide-eyed look. It is especially beneficial for those seeking a low-maintenance solution that saves time during their daily beauty routine.

Results from the Lash Lift and Tint treatment are visible immediately after the session. Your lashes will appear beautifully curled, lifted, and darkened, instantly enhancing your eyes and giving you a glamorous look. The results typically last between 6 to 8 weeks and will gradually diminish as your lashes naturally grow and regenerate. Regular touch-up sessions are recommended to maintain the desired look and prolong the results.

Book your Lash Lift and Tint session online at Astria Aesthetics in Grove City, Ohio, and experience the convenience of waking up to glam-ready lashes every morning. Our skilled Astria aesthetics will create a stunning, lifted look that enhances your eyes and boosts your confidence. Enhance your natural beauty with Lash Lift and Tint at Astria Aesthetics.

Benefits of Lash Lift and Tint in Grove City, Ohio:


Lash Lift and Tint is a painless treatment. You may feel a slight sensation during the treatment, but it is generally well-tolerated and comfortable.
The procedure typically takes about 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the length and thickness of your lashes.
While mascara is not necessary, you can still wear it if desired. However, we recommend waiting 24 to 48 hours after the treatment before applying makeup to the lashes.
We recommend avoiding getting the lashes wet for the first 24 hours after the treatment to allow the lifting solution to be fully set.
When performed by a trained and licensed aesthetician, Lash Lift and Tint should not damage your natural lashes. It is essential to choose an experienced aesthetician to ensure safe and proper application.
The results of Lash Lift and Tint typically last between 6 to 8 weeks. It is recommended to schedule touch-up sessions every few weeks to maintain the desired look and prolong the results.
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